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NHS Repeat Prescriptions

NHS Repeat Prescriptions can be issued using two different methods; the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), or traditional green prescriptions.

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) was introduced in 2012, bringing community pharmacy into the 21st century. Currently, not all GP’s are available to offer this service, but EPS is growing in popularity nationwide.

EPS allows your GP to send your prescription directly to your pharmacy – that’s why it’s the future of prescriptions. By switching to electronic prescriptions, you gain the option to nominate a pharmacy of your choice, offering you the convenience of choosing where you would like your medication to be dispensed. Even if your GP does not yet offer EPS, we are able to offer Harrogate Pharmacy services.

Paper prescription?

Traditional Green Prescriptions have been in use for years, relying on a patient to collect their script from their GP and take it to their pharmacy to get their medication. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that this method is outdated and can present a number of issues.

Firstly, it is an issue for housebound patients, or those with mobility problems because of the travel involved. Lost scripts can also take a while to be replaced; patients are forced to wait for a GP to sign their prescription again – costing time and money to both parties. Green Prescriptions also create an unnecessary burden on GP staff, and the long nature of the process means that it takes more time for patients to receive their medication.

Electronic prescription?

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is the future of prescriptions. Already trialled in numerous locations throughout the UK, EPS has been consistently met with great feedback and outstanding reviews. The service allows GP’s to send prescriptions straight to the patients nominated pharmacy, resulting in improved convenience for both the GP and the patient.

All prescriptions are digitally signed, enabling pharmacies to reprint a prescription if it is lost for any reason. Should patients wish to go to a different pharmacy from their nominated location, they can request a printed green prescription from their GP, meaning that the patient is still free to go to whichever pharmacy they like.

What kind of prescription is it?

Do you have a prescription for something that you will need only once, like an antibiotic? Or do you have a prescription for a continued treatment, for illnesses such as asthma or high blood pressure?

At Harrogate Pharmacy, we can help you with whichever prescription you have. The following diagram shows how Harrogate Pharmacy will process your prescription, however your doctor chooses to prescribe it.

One Off
oneoff repeat paper electronic

Getting your prescription

Here at the Harrogate Pharmacy, we are here to work around your lifestyle, however busy it may be. That is why we use our very own delivery drivers who know Yorkshire like the back of their hand.

If you live outside Leeds, York, Wakefield or Harrogate, we will use Royal Mail to deliver your medication in plain, discreet packaging. We’ll let you know when we despatch your medicines and Royal Mail may send you an email or text message on the day of delivery to let you know when your parcel will arrive.

Work 9-5 and can’t get make it to your local pharmacy to pick up your medication? We can deliver to your place of work, or a friend or relative (just as long as it is agreed before hand) so you’ll be sure to never miss your medication.